New Coaching Program in Partnership with ACOA

The Sobey School Business Development Centre (SSBDC) at Saint Mary's University is excited to announce that it has partnered with the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency to offer a new program designed to support Atlantic Canadian companies with strong potential for growth. The SSBDC has been...

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What is Growth Matters?

Growth Matters is a new coaching program offered by the Sobey School Business Development Centre. We are offering coaching packages to select companies with growth potential to help them make decisions around how to approach new opportunities or deal with nagging problems. Our coaches use a custom assessment, and coaching tools from Growth Wheel International, to move your business forward. 

Assessment Tool

We built our assessment based on a recent in-house project where we collected best-practices for growth from some of Atlantic Canada’s best companies. You can use the assessment to identify where your company matches those best-practices, and where it might need support.

The Coaching Process

Our experienced coaches will take you through a specific decision making framework that will help you identify where you need to spend time working on your business. We use a cloud-based coaching platform, through Growth Wheel International, to allow us to work with you wherever you are in Atlantic Canada, on your schedule.

Our Advantage

The SSBDC is part of Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We leverage the capabilities of one of the best business schools in the region to provide relevant research and evidence-based coaching. Our most recent project collected information from 170 Atlantic Canadian business owners, high-level managers and economic development professionals about what challenges they face while growing, and what behaviours set the great companies apart from the good. 

Our Research:

Challenges for Growth in Atlantic Canada

  • Accessing financing for growth
  • Hiring the right talent
  • Planning and executing sales
  • Exporting confidently 
  • Difficulty keeping track of all available government programming 
  • Difficulty understanding and completing funding applications

Behaviours of Successful Growth Companies

  • Using future-oriented language
  • Confidence that they control the direction of their company
  • Using specific short-term plans
  • Tracking and using outcome-based data
  • Collecting data to make good decisions
  • Participating in peer mentorship groups
  • Understanding and using effective sales processes to generate revenue, acquire financing and recruit top talent
  • Adopting innovations from other industries

View the full research report: SSBDC Growth Research Report May 30 2017:

View a four page summary of the research :SSBDC Growth Research Extended Executive Summary July 24:

Book a meeting with a coach today

The Sobey School Business Development Centre (SSBDC) wants to see Atlantic Canadian businesses grow. We are now offering a growth coaching program where qualified businesses can receive one-on-one coaching, training and support from the SSBDC’s experienced team of business coaches. If your business is struggling with growth, or just looking to create a strategy for taking the next step towards a better company, contact us to learn how you can take part.