See where your business stands on key functional areas

Knowing where your business is now is an important part of knowing where you want to go. The SSBDC has ten years of experience learning what makes for a successful growth company through research, training and coaching hundreds of business owners. We’ve built a simple assessment for you to see where your business is at on a number of key funtional areas.

What you need to know before you start:


  • The assessment will take approximately 10 minutes
  • Your information is confidential. It is stored on a Canadian server and only accessible by SSBDC coaching staff
  • You can choose to recieve follow-up coaching tools you can use to address some of your business’s key decisions on your own
  • You can choose to be contacted by a SSBDC coach to discuss how we can help you move your business forward

Book a meeting with a coach today

The Sobey School Business Development Centre (SSBDC) wants to see Atlantic Canadian businesses grow. We are now offering a growth coaching program where qualified businesses can receive one-on-one coaching, training and support from the SSBDC’s experienced team of business coaches. If your business is struggling with growth, or just looking to create a strategy for taking the next step towards a better company, contact us to learn how you can take part.